How to: Attribute Table of Points Within Polygon Shapefile?

Discussion created by sgerhardt on Mar 31, 2011
I have a polygon shapefile that contains numerous polygons that typically span several hundred meters in length. The width of these polygons is only about 10 meters.

The attributes table that accompanies this shapefile gives the starting and stopping point of these polygons, but I would like a function that would add an entry to the attribute table every 5-10 meters or so down the lengths of the polygons. (It would keep all the attributes of the polygon, but adds more spatial points for viewing on the attributes table.)

Does anyone know of a function within ArcMap that can accomplish this?

If not, I would have to program a reader/writer to read the extent of each polygon and then add the points within those polygons.

So, I would like to use a pre-existing function if one is available! :D

Thanks for any help!