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Why do Feature report maps not work if they contain WMS layers?

Question asked by RAB_Consultants on May 27, 2020
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I am building a new Survey and a set of custom feature report templates. As part of the report i would like to use a webmap from my AGOL account to help show the risk from surface water to the particular property. I have the web map saved within my account. The surface water data is accessed via 3 WMS layers from the UK Government. In the feature report I call the webmap using the following: 


${Surfacewatermap | mapSettings: “4bbbf59a6a37459890c0b21ade55ecc2”:5000 | size:600:500}


However, when running the report it will always time out with the following error

Failed to print map for ${Surfacewatermap|mapSettings:"4bbbf59a6a37459890c0b21ade55ecc2":5000|size:600:500}. waiting for function failed: timeout 180000ms exceeded


I can create the map without issues if i upload the surface water data as a vector tile layer and save as a new web map. But that would result in frequently having to update the map as the data is reissued every so often. Is there something i can do to get WMS layers to work?