Script to assign which dataframe the layers will appear in

Discussion created by daniellepelletier on Mar 31, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2011 by daniellepelletier
I am hoping someone more experienced with python than myself can help me out with something.  I am currently writing a script that does an analysis of one point file and creates several rasters from that pointfile.  I would like my output to be several dataframes within the same map that display each of these rasters.  What I am wondering is if there is a line of script that I can use in my phython script that will direct each of the shapefiles to display in the correct dataframe?

As a second question for this topic I'm also wondering if there is a line of code that will assign the layer properties that I have created (in a .lyr file) to each of these rasters?  Somewhat like how in toolbox you can use the properties option to assign the layer properties from a .lyr file.

Thank you in advance!