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Accidental batch-delete of all Survey123 forms in Draft Folder

Question asked by Rafael.dePedro_MELCoventry on May 27, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2020 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff



A colleague reported sending all records saved under the drafts folder of a Survey123 form. Normally, they would be working on site with limited internet access, so it's normal for us to save everything as a draft and the submit all at once with a stable wifi connection.


This is something I've never seen before. When I went to access the submitted data via Survey123 on browser, I noticed the survey was still empty. I suspected something had gone wrong and the forms didn't submit properly (which sometimes happens) so I got in touch in order to manually extract the stuck data from the tablet by connecting it to the computer. This is a slightly annoying process that we've done sometimes before and it seems to be okay. 


However, when accessing the tablet contents, there was no data to be found for this survey. And in the Survey123 app, all records had disappeared -nothing in sent (obviously), nothing in the outbox, nothing in the drafts-. It's like when my colleague when to 'batch send' all drafts, the app 'batch deleted' them instead, a capability that the app does not even allow for obvious reasons.


Anyone, ever, has seen this happen to them? Any ESRI tech that has a theory of why this could have happened? This has been an isolated case, an we use Survey123 quite regularly. But the fact that it's happened once is already worrying as no one can afford to go around losing data like this.


Thanks for your help.