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Public transit routing like google maps

Question asked by naveedgisdev on May 22, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by naveedgisdev

Is this possible to develop a web app that leverage ArcGIS network service and GTFS data to perform routing and trip planning like google maps provide as shown in the screen capture below. At the moment I am not looking towards the interface that google team has developed, I am just wanting to know that can we develop something like that using ArcGIS platform.


In ArcPro or ArcMap I build a prototype network dataset that follows all connectivity rules for pedestrian and transportation network but not sure that ArcGIS platform (such as JS API) supports to leverage this in web app.  There is a lot of documentation available that explains how to perform service area and coverage analysis in ArcGIS but not sure that is it possible to plan trip and generate time aware routes using GTFS data.



Any help or guidance will be highly appreciated. Thanks