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Appropriate URL for sharing Notebook outside of organization?

Question asked by knoop_umich on May 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by knoop_umich

I would like to be able to provide a link to a Notebook in an email or blog post that will permit an ArcGIS Online user outside of my organization to directly run the Notebook. (This is assuming I have shared the Notebook with Everyone, and that they have the appropriate privileges to run Notebooks in their own ArcGIS Online organization.)


Let's say I've set the sharing on a Notebook to Everyone. If I email someone the URL for the Item Details page for the Notebook (e.g.,, then the only available option for them is the "Download" button. So it appears to the recipient that they have to first download the Notebook to their computer, and then re-upload it their ArcGIS Online organization, before they can use the Notebook.


If instead they search for the Notebook in ArcGIS Online (remembering to toggle off limiting the search to their own organization), then when they click on it in the search results, they are taken to an Item Details view that includes the "Open Notebook (Beta)" button. This enables them to get right to running the Notebook I have shared.


Is there a URL pattern to follow whereby one can construct a Notebook link that will produce the latter behavior -- the user being able to click on the link and then immediately run the Notebook -- avoiding the download/upload confusion?