Automating Publishing to a Federated Server

Discussion created by michaell@BatonRougeWater.com_brwc on May 22, 2020
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We're trying to script publishing feature services that reference our sde data to a server federated to Portal.


I've had success using getWebLayerSharingDraft to publish a MapImage service to the federated server which seems to reference our sde data, and I've had success publishing a Feature Service but it only seems to publish to the HOSTING_SERVER which makes me think it is being stored in the Data Store associated with the Federated Server and thus is only a copy of our sde data.


If you look at the guts of  _mp.py for getWebLayerSharingDraft you'll see that FEDERATED_SERVER is only compatible with MAP_IMAGE and that FEATURE is only compatible with MY_HOSTED_SERVICES or HOSTING_SERVER.


I've tried to go the route of using CreateSharingDraft but that only seems to be able to access a standalone_server and not a federated server.


Has anyone had any luck?