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What are the open data metadata best practices in ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by Aaron.DeBoer@brampton.ca_brampton on May 21, 2020

I am attempting to expand on our open data #metadata for and I would like to know:

What are the ArcGIS Online best practices for metadata and data dictionary content?

Our organization's goal is to provide detailed field descriptions to clients, as well as all of the usual metadata content is a presentable format.

  • Are there any steps that users are taking to accomplish this?
  • Does Esri have a critical path to displaying field descriptions directly in open data pages?

So far, we've been using the standard AGOL details page, which looks good, but doesn't offer detailed metadata; and when we need to offer more, we'll rely on the XML format to share field definitions.  The XML format isn't very appealing when compared to the AGOL details page.


There is a growing need for clearer, more detailed metadata open data, and the Ontario provincial government is looking for organizations to provide open data dictionaries.

Any advice would be appreciated.