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SEVERE errors and Issues with Tiles

Question asked by devlavigne on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by devlavigne

I am getting a ton of SEVERE errors in my server logs -


They are essentially 2 different ones:  This exception was thrown after the response was committed. Access to this resource is not allowed - Code 9002 and Response already committed. Cannot forward to error page. - Code 9001.  


I went looking in the logs after I was experiencing problems publishing static/pre-generated tiles. It looks like the tiles are generating on my server - I can view the "bundles" in my cache directory but they do not show up in the browser - I only see the basemap. I can click and query the tiles - so even though they aren't visible I can see a popup. If I select generate tiles dynamically it works.


I'm hoping the two issues are related.  


Errors from ArcGIS Server