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Importing Symbology and Editing Labels Issue

Question asked by on May 21, 2020
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I had to create a new layer from the source destination and instead of re-doing the symbology from scratch, I just imported the symbology to the new layer and got rid of the old one.  This worked fine until I realized, I can no longer change the label for that layer anymore.  It still keeps the original labels regardless how I edit or change the Label Properties.  It's just hard coded regardless of what I do it seems.


  If I change one of the symbols though, it changes it to whatever I want, so it's just the labels that are somehow locked.  This means not only the expression, but also the Symbols appearance that I can't change.  If I do change it, it still saves it in the Label Properties, but it will still only display the older imported label style.


  Anyway of unlocking it so I can change the Labels?  Or is this a bug with importing symbology?