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How to show how many layers (polygons) overlap with a colour sheme?

Question asked by Maurice.Kasprowsky on May 16, 2020
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I am planning to create something like a biodiversity map on ArcGIS Pro. For that purpose I downlaoded the shapefiles for the range of various species, in form of polygons. Now I am planning to merge all this data together. Basically, what I am trying to do is to colour the map differently depending on how many layers (polygons) are overlaying in one area (e.g. the more overlay the redder). Meaning I am trying to show how many species are found in a certain area. Is there any tool that can do this. I was playing a round for a while but didn't find anything.


On top of this I would also like to include the RedList threat level for every species (i.e. layer) in the attribute table, in form of numbers the higher the more endangered. With those I then would liek to create a second map showing the accumulated threat level in certain areas, so once again showing different colour (e.g. the higher the accumulated threat level the redder the area). Generally I have amn idea how to do it but I would first have to create those overlapping layers, and then I would be wondering how to calculate the accumulaed threat level number.


I hope everything is clear and someone can help me out.


Thanks a lot,