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Amending sent survey photos in Survey123

Question asked by jeff.vanetten_WYG on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2020 by sjeng-esristaff

Good morning all.  I am trying to amend a photo (replace with a better one) of a survey that was sent using Survey123.  The user tried to do this in the sent items, but was unsuccessful in amending this (this option was not available).  The inbox would not let them do this either, even though the picture was inside a repeat.


I found this documentation here: Edit tables—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation  but this appears to be more generic for any attribute table.


I ended up going on AGOL and finding the attachments table. copied the file name. deleted the image. added the new image with the old name.  this seemed to work as it was in the correct spot, however when I went into site, the image was not displayed.  This leads me to believe there is some additional spot that needs updating for this to be picked up.  Any suggestions on how this is done?  


Would also be great to add this functionality in the app itself as our surveyors normally QC their work once home that they submitted.  Currently they can amend everything except photos. 


I have attempted to follow this guidance here in designing the survey 

Prepare for editing existing survey data—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

So have used the bind::esri:parameters column with the following:

query allowUpdates=true


Do I need to add allowAdds=true to this parameter also?