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Internet Explorer 11 & ArcGIS Hub

Question asked by shawnroberts on May 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by CarltonCountyGIS

it seems with the most recent ArcGIS Hub updates I'm unable to load most of my sites in IE 11. 


I've tried it with a few other sites from across the internet (including a bunch on the Hub Gallery page) and get the same error on all of them.

            Examples: Montana Forest Action Plan , City of Arlington, TX Performance Management , 10 Minute Walk Campaign. They all open fine in every other browser just not IE.


I've also tried just spinning up a blank hub site and got the same issue. 


I think the issue is coming from the vendor js webpack modules but it's a bit tough to trace at the moment. 





Any advice or tips (other than stop using IE  trust me I wish we could) would be great.