Geometric networks details from a database export

Discussion created by dsotrean on May 13, 2020
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Hi Experts,


I need your help to answer 3 questions about some Electric Geometric Networks.

I have a .dmp file from an oracle database, from an older production environment. I imported it into a test environment for a third party consultant, and we are trying to decrypt the Geometric Networks there were.

Looking at the N_(ID) tables in SDE schema, seems that there are 4 such Geo Networks. The questions I need answer are below. My apologies, I am a beginner in this area...

1. Why there are 4 Geometric Networks in the first place? Couldn't be just only one (eventually bigger)?

2. Can these Geo Nets be connected between them, and how can we find out?

3. Can they have duplicate IDs (numbers) for edge and junctions? Or how can we find out...


Many thanks!