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multiple survey123 entries for single polygon

Question asked by kprost_neenah on May 12, 2020

Hello, I am looking to figure a way to initially create a polygon for an inspection and then subsequently use the same polygon for additional, separate inspections that will go in the same dataset. 


Currently thinking this would be possible to create the polygon in the initial Survey123 using a geoshape object, have the polygon populate in Collector, and finally then have a Survey123 URL object in that polygon to link to an additional survey. There are some issues I am running into here though...


I can link a survey123 link to the polygons for an additional survey, however the survey123 form does not attribute itself to that particular polygon. If I fill out the geoloc within the survey form it will create a seperate additional polygon. 



For context, this is for Erosion Control sites. Create the polygon/preconstruction inspection soon after the permit comes in, and then multiple other inspections as the construction site develops until it is finalized. There will probably be 2-4 inspections per polygon. 



Thanks in advance! Hope I didn't make this question too complicated.