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"Make or Buy" decision: possibility to add non-georeferenced pdf CAD plans

Question asked by canliekr on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by DReeves-esristaff

Good day all. We're currently thinking of investing in an ArcGIS Enterprise solution and we're in the process of evaluating its use cases for our (very large) construction company. A rather pressing requirement right now is the one of photo & deficiencies management. Right now, we're evaluating specialized solutions such as docu tools, Dalux field or ed controls.

I'm pretty confident, that most of the requirement can be solved with a combination of Workforce+Survey123+Collector. But there are two things, that are very important and where I can't see an ESRI based solution right now:

1.) yes, we all know pdf CAD plans are annoying, but they are still reality in most cases. We would have to service a web application where the surveyors should be able to upload a pdf CAD plan (that's not georeferenced) where he's able to manually (and roughly) adjust the extents of the pdf in a way that it fits reality as closely as possible. He then uses this manually georeferenced pdf as a basemap (or just as an overlay, doesn't matter) on his mobile app (Survey123 or Collector).

2.) When field crew done with field surveying, the images should be sorted in a very structured way in another serviced web application. Main folders should be Date, Author and Location. Sub-folders should be automatically separated by month & day of image capture, by name of the field surveyor, by predefined locations (probably separated by a geo fence). Here a little mock-up, how this should look like:


Any idea on how to handle this request (if possible at all)? Thanks!