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Logging into via Google Chrome issue - Forever blue lines

Question asked by mrleal on May 12, 2020



Whenever I attempt to log into my account via Google Chrome I get the blue lines indicating logging in but it never completes the process.


a) I am able to log into via Microsoft Edge on the same computer that is running Chrome. 

b) I am able to log into in the same Chrome browser with no issues.

c) If I am in ArcGIS, in the upper right hand menu options I can navigate to My Profile, My Settings, ArcGIS blog and Help but not My Esri, Training, or Community and Forums. If I choose the latter I get a blank page. If I refresh it goes back to the Esri login screen with the blue lines noted above. 

d) This happens on both my laptop and my desktop.

e) All my versions of chrome use the same google login to sync. 

f) I have cleared all cache and cookies on both devices. Same issue


Any thoughts on what might be happening?


#chromeissues #esriloginissues