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ArcGIS Pro Configuration References

Question asked by krisculin on May 12, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by UHarano-esristaff

Hello All,


I am working on writing a custom configuration for ArcGIS Pro.  I have references to our company's Framework (both managed and unmanaged assemblies) that I need to use.


My understanding is that references added to the configuration project are automatically included in the compiled proConfigX file.  When installed and run, the files are extracted to the AssemblyCache folder.


1. How can I make sure non-referenced assemblies are included?  These would be unmanaged assemblies that are indirect references to managed assemblies.


2. How can I include non-assembly files?  We depend on certain files that we use when initializing our own data sources which will be used in parallel to ArcGIS Pro.


3. On startup of the configuration, when exceptions are enabled, I get a large number of "UnauthorizedAccessException" for referenced assemblies as well as their corresponding pdb files.  I'm not entirely sure this is even happening.  if I turn off this particular exception, it still occurs but it simply writes it out to the output window (if the right-click/Show Exception Messages is turned on).  This significantly slows down the startup time for ArcGIS Pro and therefore, our configuration.


4.  Is there any way to change the location of where the files are extracted from the proConfigX file?  Maybe to a predefined location where the files that 'can't' be included in the file are located?


I hope someone can answer these questions.  This will really help us move along and get things up and running quickly.