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Survey123 Connect failing to republish survey

Question asked by jeff.vanetten_WYG on May 12, 2020
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I am attempting to republish a survey that I published recently.  This is using the same version of Connect (3.9.120).  I had to make a few changes, which resulted in two new fields being added:


When I go to publish I get this screen, which I have seen before.

Options screen:

Publish survey:


Once clicking on publish, the Publishing process is stuck on this screen indefinitely. I have to click on the X to close this after waiting for several hours.  

I have captured the process using a log file.  Please let me know if you want me to upload this here.  I have attempted all of the following so far:

Close connect and retry.

Reboot computer

Removing any views (stakeholder) from AGOL.


Options I cannot do:

I cannot publish a new survey, as there is exisitng data in this survey currently with our surveyors collecting new data as we speak.