Getting rid of black lines at the edges of TIFs...

Discussion created by delazhar on Mar 30, 2011

I have a few thousand color TIFs (3 bands, 8 bit) that I need to stitch, clean up the edges for and convert to jp2.  Mosaicing has been no problem, but I can't get rid of the annoying black lines on the edges.  The problem with those is two fold: 1. the values range from 0,0,0 to 10,10,10 (in some cases, there are pixels with values of 10,142,154 that I want to keep) and 2. when I try to reclassify the values, it reclassifies all three bands into one variable which then destroys the image's color integrity.  Any ideas on how I can maintain the 3-band values and get rid of those lines?  I'm relatively new to GIS.

Thank you