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Hospital, Isolation & Quarantine beds

Question asked by iamaksESRI on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by lbuie-esristaff

I suppose the CHIME models runs on the data of patients hospitalized (having inpatient care and treatment) and that gives the projection of new hospitalizations along with hospital census. I am having little confusion and mixing up hospital beds with Isolation and Quarantine beds. Some information on this will be appreciated.  


In case I want to plan or do projection of Isolation/Quarantine beds census as well, is it possible to do it through this model or this is only meant for hospital bed census (inpatient care)? 


Further to add on this regarding the SIR column received in the Hospital Census Data in CHIME model. Is the Infected people indicate the number of total beds (Isolation, Quarantine, Hospital) required on the particular date mentioned.    


Please suggest


Thank you