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Limitations of Refining Layout For All Devices

Question asked by dave.fullerton on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by dave.fullerton

I have reviewed the documentation (Version 1.0) here: but want more clarification about current and future limitations. 


I start a test project by adding a Text Widget to the layout for large screen devices.  Then I switch to the layout for medium screen devices and set the layout to "Custom."  I move the Text Widget to a different area on the medium size page and set the font size of the Text Widget to a smaller font.  I go back to the layout for large screen devices and see that the Text Widget has not moved but the font size has been reduced to that which I had intended only for medium sized devices.  Therefore, not all changes you make to a widget within a specific layout size are isolated.


My questions are: 

1.  I have found that I can, for example, move the Text Widget in the medium sized layout to the "Pending List" and replace it with another.  Should that currently be the standard practice, or are there other ways of achieving what I am looking for?

2.  Is there a clear delineation about which properties of all widgets can be isolated from one layout size to another (e.g., only widget placement and top level dimensions)? 

3.  Is there a plan for a future release to allow full isolation of widgets?