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Question asked by mlata_nifc on May 8, 2020
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I’m having two issues and our GIS folks can’t explain it, having little experience with rasters than vectors, and none with ‘Combine’. I am working with .asc and/or .tif output files from FlamMap. In the past, I've used Combine a LOT to help assess outputs. It's been about two years since I did this and, in the meantime, ArcMap and FlamMap have both received upgrades. Here's what I'm getting (I've now spent close to 6 hours trying to figure it out):


  • When I try to combine, for example, crownfire/fuel model/canopy cover/ etc. – or even just two of those (.asc or .tiff), I get an attribute table, but it isn’t giving me fields (columns) for the value/s of the input rasters. All I get are OBJECTID, Value, and Count.
  • If I try to save the combine output file to MY location on our corporate drive (US Forest Service), it won’t work at all, and I get three errors which, true to a lot of ESRI error ‘explanations’, are not very helpful, and I’ve now spent about 5 hours trying to figure it out. This is the same file in which the rasters in question are living in.
  • I tried posting this question with the files attached, and it didn't send, so I'm trying again without.