Use Proximity Tracing to Identify Possible Contact Events

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The GeoAnalytics development team had just release out a new sample tool called Proximity Tracing. The Proximity Tracing tool uses time-enabled point data to trace entities based on proximity in space (location) and time. You can read about the tool in a blog post here: Use Proximity Tracing to Identify Possible Contact Events 

Visualizing Proximity Tracing through time

This tool looks for entities that are within proximity of each other and that are downstream from an entity of interest. 


How to access the tool:


Sample applications: 

  • An organization monitors company-issued devices carried by workers. The company is interested in determining which employees were near someone that is known to have COVID-19. Using the point layer representing device locations and time, they look to find devices that have been within 6 meters and 5 minutes of the contagious person and other possibly contagious employees. 
  • An NGO is monitoring salmon populations using GPS and are interested in tracking the spread of salmon lice between escaped farmed salmon and wild populations. Some GPS-tagged farmed salmon were tracked to see if they come in close proximity with tagged wild populations, and how those wild populations may further spread the disease. The measurements also include a depth field, and the NGO uses the Attribute Constraint parameter to only find fish at a similar depth.


We'll be monitoring GeoNet (including this post)  and the ArcGIS Online item to help troubleshoot any issues you may have. 


Sarah Ambrose

Product Engineer, Esri