Hi, I'm Kyle, a budding cartographer.

Discussion created by KyleS_AVS on May 5, 2020

Hey all, I'm Kyle. I work for the FAA and one of my duties is to make the maps at our facility, the Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center. Our air traffic controllers control all of the en route traffic (above 18,000') passing through an area about twice the size of Colorado. This is usually around 6,000 flights a day, but as I write this at the peak of the Corona Virus pandemic, our air traffic count has gone down quite a bit (~90%), as you would imagine. For map making duties, I focus on minor updates to the same products on a monthly basis, following the cycle for aeronautical product updates. Sometimes I get asked to produce a custom map, and that's what is most challenging, and also most rewarding. I feel like calling myself a cartographer at this point is valid from an FAA perspective, because I can successfully update our charts, but in this community, I hold the term in a bit more honor, and calling myself a cartographer is a stretch. I'm excited to be part of the GeoNet community. My wife and I like to hike and read and grow, we do so with four little ones who are super precious right now! Life is like cheesecake - delicious, but I can only take so much!!