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How to export a table with > 9 million rows?

Question asked by rhowell2 on May 5, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by bixb0012

I have a point feature class that has 9.2 million rows (according to the counter on the attribute table) and ~50 columns. I am trying to get it in to R to run some statistical analysis on it. I'm having issues exporting the whole table in a usable format (it is only exporting around 3 million rows).


A few things I have tried:

1. ArcGIS Binding (it only brings in ~3 million rows to R).

2. Copy Rows tool with .csv extension (also only getting ~3 million rows)

3. Subset Features tool with the parameters set as 33.3%, thinking I could export it 3 times and then merge it in R (this only gives me 1.2 million rows, or 1/3 of what I'm getting with the other two methods)

4. A python script that selects 1 million rows and exports it as an excel table, then selects the next 1 million rows, etc. This runs until the 3rd iteration and then ends (because I've reached this strange ~3 million number)

5. Exporting from ArcMap as a table (same thing)


I'm a little confused because the attribute table is definitely saying that I have 9 million rows, but nothing else I try seems to recognize that. I'm not aware with any sort of limit of features on any of these methods (for example, a .csv should be able to handle 9 million rows, as does R Studio). Is there a limit I'm not aware of, or some sort of known bug with the attribute table and there really is only 3 million rows in my feature class? What is the best way to get a table this size as .csv format?