"What Can Submitter Do" configuration BUG- Data tab Breaks for Survey Owner

Discussion created by Amanda.Huber@threeriversparks.org_trpd on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Amanda.Huber@threeriversparks.org_trpd

Hi ArcGIS Survey123 Team, 

We recently opened a support case (Case #02545733) regarding an issue found with the S123 Web configuration for "What Can Submitter Do".


When "Only Add New Records" is selected the Data tab breaks and shows an obscure error message: 




This issue appears to be related to a bug that was previously logged- #BUG-000119154  as a "known limitation" but turns out to be much more than a small limitation- Unfortunately this issue does not only affect submitters of the data but also Owners of the data. Therefore the setting "What can Submitters do" should be rephrased at least as "What can owners, submitters, and users querying the data do". 


This limitation is not just for users who this setting pertains to but also the owners of the survey- making the data tab completely “broken” for survey owners.The setting “What Can Submitter Do” should not reflect on settings for a survey owner.

If someone could take another look at this functionality and it's constraints for survey administrators as well as the unclear functionalities of this setting that would be much appreciated. 


- Amanda