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Can't resolve 'esri/core/accessorSupport/decorators'

Question asked by jollyroger2000 on May 4, 2020

Hi all, 


I'm working with Angular and I'm trying to extend Accessors class. 
I've followed the topic implementing-accessor but can't recompile the project because the error:  

Can't resolve 'esri/core/accessorSupport/decorators'


This is my implementation: 

/// <amd-dependency path="esri/core/tsSupport/declareExtendsHelper" name="__extends" />
/// <amd-dependency path="esri/core/tsSupport/decorateHelper" name="__decorate" />
import { loadModules } from 'esri-loader';
import esri = __esri;

import { subclass, declared } from "esri/core/accessorSupport/decorators";

export class CustomLegendViewModel extends declared(esri.Accessor) {


What's wrong?