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Not getting data in the Personnel status dashboard (On premise portal)

Question asked by antonyvkj on May 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by antonyvkj

Dear Community users,

I have deployed the Coronavirus business continuity solutions in our on premise portal (10.7.1). The solutions deployed successfully without any errors. I was able to add 100 users info automatically during the deployment itself into the personal Information table. I'm having few issues to make it work !


First, the survey url, is shared with the users, but they are not able to see all the options, only the native app is visible, but with the intranet restrictions they cannot use the native app, only the web forms are allowed.

So, I have shared the url from the survey123 website as below. 


The users are able to access the check-In form and few were submitted the records,. But when I navigate to the the survey website there are no records 


However, when I check the data in ArcGIS Pro I see there are records and all are created by ESRI_Anonymous except my userid. And in the Personnel status dashboard, only my record (admin) is showing. 


Please let me know, if I am missing something here, I did check the other posts similar to this but they are mostly of arcgisonline deployment. This is ArcGIS Portal on premise, and it cannot be accessed out of the company intranet. 


Any thoughts, will be highly appreciated !