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Use Deep Learning to Assess Palm Tree Health - 2 Small Questions

Question asked by breen.riley on May 1, 2020



Have gone through the tutorial twice now, and am encountering an error where Geoprocessing Detect Object w Deep Learning tool shows "running" after completing process. The tool has finished running, the data is in it's proper folder, but the status bar still shows running. I have ran it about 6 times now with this .emd and it has done this the last two, but may not be a huge problem, could just be a weird quirk.


Alright, second issue: have many people completed this tutorial? I have ran detect object tool with three different variations: 500 or so samples, 25 epochs ; 800 or so samples, 50 epochs ; and the .emd supplied with the tutorial.

Still have not achieved results comparable to tutorial "finished product" screenshot. Though my model has been okay in deciding which areas do and do not contain palm trees, it seems sporadic, with multiple trees detected where there is one, or a series of trees in a row with only 1 or 2 detected, and the odd ghost palm. Have tried several sets of parameters, as said with the 3 different .emd files. 


Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions,