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How to generate vertices array from existing feature service to populate URL and pre-fill survey123 (similar to passing X,Y as geopoint) either in Collector or WebMap with the new GeoShape functionality

Question asked by jeff.t.hill_TNDOF on May 1, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by LemerisJ_scdnr

I am trying to develop a workflow where 1 group of field staff are creating polygons on a web service, then a different group of staff use those polygons to pre-fill some answers on a Survey123 form via a custom URL in the popup for the web service. They then add the remaining attributes that are unique to the survey. 


Is there a way to include the array of vertices so I can keep the polygons' shape as a geoshape when doing this workflow. I have seen examples of a point feature being used to pre-populate a geopoint and the geoshape tool can handle individual vertices as an answer. So, the question really is this: can I calculate the set of vertices (or rings) for a feature service inside the popup URL?