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Finding X,Y, & Z Lidar Data for DEM

Question asked by mmoy_ncsu on Apr 28, 2020

I'm trying to create a DEM by interpolating data for a school project. In previous assignments we were provided lidar data in a .txt file, which was used to produce an event layer, and then interpolated using IDW to create a DEM. For the project, the data is not provided and I'm having trouble finding similar data to use as a starting point. Does anyone have any suggestions for finding similar data to produce a DEM for the Triangle region in North Carolina?


Interpolating my own data is a requirement for the project. I have been able to find already created DEMs for the area but this doesn't seem like it would allow for me to perform my own interpolation. Currently I'm trying to use the Raster to Point tool to create point data for the interpolation. The input is a large mosaic raster image of the Triangle region. The tool has been running for quite some time, so still unsure if this will produce something that could be used to interpolate a DEM. Any suggestions or guidance for producing a DEM from scratch would be greatly appreciated!