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Arcgis Pro 2.5 Frustration

Question asked by thowze on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by tbole-esristaff

A couple of items that frustrate me regarding Pro's latest.

1.  Group title text in the legend.  It pops up when a layer is copied into the group even if the option was checked off (why???).  Then if you go to the new layer that was added the Group option is grayed out, so you have to proceed to each layer to see which one is controlling the group option.  This is insanely frustrating.

2.  This has been going on from the start.  Many times we need to create slight adjustments on one map to the next, so we copy the map change name, copy the layout we want to replicate, then change the map in to point to the new layout.  This results in the map being zoomed to the world extent.  Why would this be desired behavior to anyone?   

3.  Graduated classification, why is the <n label the new standard to show the range of values?  Why not give an option to change it to the way in most maps I've read or have created show as:  0-10, 10-20 etc.