Hello, my name is Stacey Sowers

Discussion created by gianaa_UW on Apr 28, 2020

Hi, my name is Stacey Sowers and I am a gardener at the University of Washington. After an injury, I've been helping the Facilities GIS department to create a map of campus grounds. I am using ArcGIS Online and survey123 this year. I have some GIS experience from 10-15 years ago, but am just starting to getting back into it.


My current project is creating a mobile app for a  selfguided tour of a public garden. I don't currently have publishing rights through the University, so my big success for the year is creating a million vertices using Map Notes.


I'm also volunteering with a citizen science project monitoring Great Blue Heron colonies around Puget Sound, WA. I am creating an online survey form using survey123. For this personal project, I have a free developer license through ESRI.


My main interest is ecological conservation. My main skill is illustration.


I would like to learn more about the following:



Coordinates of a beautiful place: 48.887556, -125.383267 


Looking forward to meeting you all,