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Survey123 link to Collector: initiate feature collection (offline)

Question asked by knotweed99 on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 1, 2020 by CLawrence-esristaff

I am currently trying to set up a workflow for an android device where field workers will collect data in Survey123 form that links to a feature service within a map in Collector (Aurora).  The link will open up an offline map, where field workers will then collect polygon features that are linked to the survey123 data by a unique GUID (TableToPoly_ID).  


I have the link setup up in note field in Survey123 as:

<a href="arcgis-collector://?itemID=4371615d717944a8be14168b0874a4cb&referenceContext=addFeature&featureSourceURL=${TableToPoly_ID}%22%7D"><b><font size=6><font color=#6a2031><center>Collect Treatment Area</center></font></b></a>


I have tested the link on iOS devices and it has functioned as desired (opening the offline map in Collector, initiating feature collection, passing parameters).  The setup has also been successfully tested on an android device with an online map, but has been unsuccessful on an offline map.  The link opens the offline map in Collector, but will not initiate feature collection.  Is there a reason why this setup would work for certain scenarios, but not all?