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GeoEvent - Registered Server Connection - fails to connect

Question asked by pedgls on Apr 27, 2020
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Geoevent Manager's site page has an error status for "Default" under "Registered Server Connections":


How do I get the Status to validate successfully?



This GeoEvent Server is federated to a Portal instance. Portal successfully validates the GeoEvent server's federation here: https://ourPortalServerUrl/portal/home/organization.html#settings


The GeoEvent server is newly installed and empty.


Platform: Windows Server 2016


ArcGIS Enterprise version: 10.8


Attempts to fix

1. I tried clicking "Edit", then checking "Use Credentials" and entering the main portal admin user's credentials.

2. I checked the credentials by logging into portal directly successfully.
3. I tried resetting the GeoEvent server config
4. I tried un-federating and re-federating the GeoEvent server with portal.


Next steps

Besides this forum post, I am also going to open an Esri Support ticket.