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10.8 HA split install

Question asked by on Apr 27, 2020
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We are planning on installing 10.8 on existing servers, but instead of upgrading we are uninstalling 10.6.1, cleaning and then installing 10.8 new. It has been requested that we keep the current env live as much as possible but splitting the install into two server groups. The server groups have the following number of machines:

Server Group 1 (SG1) :

- 1 Portal/WebAdaptor

- 2 ArcGIS Server / Relational DataStore

- 1 GeoEvent

- 1 SpatioTemporal

Server Group 2:

- 1 Portal/WebAdaptor

- 2 ArcGIS Server / Relational DataStore

- 2 GeoEvent

- 2 SpatioTemporal


The rough plan so far is to:

- remove SG1 from the LB (users can still access services and apps through SG2)

- on SG1 run the uninstalls, clean out the remaining files, install 10.8

- configure the individual sites and SSL certs,

- federate AGS and GeoEvent to Portal

- Integrate windows auth

- publish the services and add items to Portal

- switch the LB so that traffic now goes to the newly upgraded SG1

- test if SG1 is going to working, if yes

- start uninstalls, clean install on SG2.


I have concerns about federation if this is going to be possible without the LB URL and if anybody else has tried this method with success?