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Can you find and remove SBDS datasources from already deleted feature services

Question asked by on Apr 26, 2020

We are installing 10.8 and I am having trouble creating SBDS feature services with the same name as previously deleted services. I deleted the services from the Manage SBDS in GeoEvent Manager. They are no longer appearing in Portal nor ArcGIS Server Manager, the Index Status of Portal is all matching and ok. So it all looks good. However, when I go to Create Data Source and use the same service name, it comes back with an error that the default already contains a feature service with that name. I have sync'd the default Portal connection in the GeoEvent Manager Data Stores as well with no success in using the same name.


I thought I read an article or query a while ago that showed you how to interrogate ArcGIS DataStores and also SBDS to find datasources and remove them if they had been orphaned, but I can't find it again (and am getting to the point where I think I may have imagined it). Or is the issue with Portal and not SBDS? I thought to look in the content directory for orphaned folders however I don't have the item ids of the deleted items to look through the content directory.