VERY large .txt file to points or anything else

Discussion created by loictdallaire on Apr 23, 2020

I have a text file of 17 GB (yes, GB... it represent more than 500 millions rows) containing bathymetry data at 5 meters under this form:


Where the first field is latitude N, the second longitude W and the third depth in meters. I'm trying to convert this file to anything usable : points, raster (ncdf, tif, ...) TIN or else if better idea.


Yet, the tool XY Table To Point simply outputs me a file with the columns and values messed up (the values are not even recoverable). You can see in the first picture the original table and the output. I have try numerous CS for the Z value, even the Unknown_height_system_meter.

Also, the Table to NetCDF return me an 999998 error...


Do you have any tips, tools, editing software for me?

I have a restricted license of ArcGIS Pro but a full one of ArcMap 10.7.