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Call GP Service

Question asked by jay.kapalczynski on Apr 22, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2020 by jay.kapalczynski

I had a python script that I published to a service.  I was calling that service as such below and everything was working great.

  1. In the database i created a table and then a relationship class that references the Feature Class I was previously updating.
  2. Immediately this started throwing errors when I tried to run the python script calling for an edit session.
  3. I modified the python script to include an edit start and edit close
  4. I can now successfully run this script from ArcCatalog
  5. After running from ArcCatalog I republished this to a service
  6. As I have been doing all along I call this service and pass it a parameter.


Now the job fails.  Not sure why.  I can manually run this from ArcCatalog but not when I call from JavaScript like I did in the past.


Do I have to do something differently now that this Feature Class I am trying to write too is a part of a Relationship Class?????


        btnGISPush_Click: function () {
            var dictstring = document.getElementById(JSONstring).value;
            var params1 = {
                request: dictstring
            window.gpJSON.execute(params1).then(function (resultVal) {
                var finalGPResults = resultVal.results[0].value;
                function (err) {