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Smart Editor will not display OBJECTID field in related records

Question asked by bforschner on Apr 22, 2020

I built an app in AGOL WAB and it contains the Smart Editor widget. I have a polygon (parcel) feature layer with related tables that were created in a geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro and then shared as a web layer. I configured Smart Editor to edit one of the related tables. I configured the popup settings for the related table and its parent feature layer to display all of the fields that I need to see. However, the Smart Editor Layer Settings do not give me an option to display the OBJECTID field in the related table (unique identifier field, type ObjectId, automatically created in original GDB). Furthermore, when I click on a parcel and then display a related record in the Smart Editor, it does not display the OBJECTID field and it also does not display an integer field that I created, called "OldID" (even though OldID is set to display in the Layer Settings). I need to have these fields displayed (read-only) so that users can view them and use them as a reference point while they are using the Smart Editor to create/edit related records. Am I missing something?