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Creating a maintenance summary note from calculated field

Question asked by boreilly on Apr 21, 2020
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I'm trying to create a detailed and formatted maintenance summary dynamically from user input. So far, I have got the function to work, but it will only take the first TRUE if statement. Ideally, everything with a rating > 1 would be appended to the "Maintenance Summary" with the format shown below (Name: {Rating} 'new line indented' Comment: {Comment}). I'm doing this using one hidden field for the calculation (type: calculate) and one field for the Maintenance Summary (type: note; label: <font color = "red"><b><center>Maintenance Summary</center></b></font><p>${Maintenance_Calc})


the calculation in the calculated field is as follows (only for two fields at the moment for testing; it will be used on around 200 fields if I can get it to work..)


if(${IB_IZ_IO_Rat}>1,'<b>Inlet Zone - Inlet obstruction: </b>' + ${IB_IZ_IO_Rat} + '<blockquote><u>Comment:</u> ' + ${IB_IZ_IO_Comm} + '</blockquote>','') or if(${IB_IZ_EBSS_Rat}>1,'<b>Inlet Zone - Erosion, bare spots, & sedimentation: </b>' + ${IB_IZ_EBSS_Rat} + '<blockquote><u>Comment:</u> ' + ${IB_IZ_EBSS_Comm} + '</blockquote>','')


Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!