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Why do my static models become squashed when aligning shapes to terrain?

Question asked by Jack.Curran on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by Jack.Curran

Hi everyone,


I have a scenario where I am importing a set of building footprints from a fGDB and adding static models on to each. When I'm working at y=0, everything is fine (apart from the house models obviously being below the terrain). This can be seen in the image on the left.


However, when I select the footprints and align them to the terrain, the house models become squashed. Why is this? I'm not doing anything clever here - I'm simply importing a model based on the start rule of the building footprint (no scaling commands involved), so I'm sure I'm missing something obvious! It doesn't matter whether I align the shapes to the terrain before or after generating the models, the results are the same.


Can anyone shed any light on this please??


Many thanks in advance,