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Reprojecting to match USGS LAEA_Sphere_19 eMODIS/AVHRR data?

Question asked by LANDVEST on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by lfalk-esristaff

Completely stumped here. I have seen a handful of somewhat similar threads dealing with Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area...the problem here is working out the proper transformation. Here's a bit of a summary of what I do know.

  • This (NDVI) data can be obtained from USGS here [AVHRR in this example].
  • I have other data I am trying to align with this data (GCS_North_American_1983 WKID: 4269).
  • There is no WKID associated with the data's projection info, nor is there a GCS or datum.
  • When searching for 'LAEA_Sphere_19', surprisingly, only a handful of results are returned. One result provides some additional insight. Spatial Reference .org lists this as "SR-ORG Projection 8750 - eModis Phenology"
  • The ESRI WKT reflects exactly what we see in the raster's spatial reference properties:
  • The raster metadata provides no additional insight.
  • There is much discussion (and stories of headache) in dealing with the Sinusoidal projection associated with other USGS/NASA MODIS data, but this is not that projection. Out of desperation, I tried creating the custom geographic transformation found here...of course that failed to yield proper results. This was another dead-end waste of time.
  • The various online tools associated with manipulating the USGS/NASA HDF files are not valid for this data. This are TIFs for NDVI Phenology.
  • My source data is GCS_North_American_1983; i need to somehow match to this LAEA Sphere 19.


Please, any insight or help here would be most appreciated...I cannot believe how little documentation there is regarding this!