Welcome to the GIS for Equity & Social Justice Group – Let’s get started!

Discussion created by MBordne-esristaff Employee on Apr 20, 2020
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Welcome and thanks for joining the GIS for Equity & Social Justice Group on GeoNet.  In this group, members can find a community of people who are leveraging GIS to advance equity and social justice. This is a space for members to collaborate, share their work, connect with other professionals, ask questions, participate in discussions, share successes and challenges, and learn about relevant events. The Esri administrators of the group, Clinton Johnson and Margot Bordne, will also share the latest information and resources from Esri on this topic. 


To get started, we invite you to first review the group features and overview page and familiarize yourself with the group info, admins, and GeoNet 101 information in the left column.  As you explore the group, you’ll also find tools to connect and collaborate so we encourage you to use them to share files, create blogs, ask/answer questions and read the latest blogs posts and join discussions. 


Next, we invite you to post a comment below to introduce yourself, share about the work you do, and something you hope to gain from this space. 


We’re excited to connect and collaborate with you and we look forward to seeing your contributions.

- Clinton & Margot