Problem during federation - attempting single-machine deployment migration/DR strategy

Discussion created by ddavis_talltimbers on Apr 19, 2020
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Hello. Hope all are staying safe and sane during this unusual time.


I am having difficulty trying to implement the single-machine deployment approach for a DR strategy as described in this ArcGIS Blog: https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/arcgis-enterprise/administration/migrate-to-a-new-machine-in-arcgis-enterprise-two/


I tested this same strategy successfully last year, though it took me four attempts and some help from this community (@JQuinn-esristaff, specifically) to get it right. I am now at the final stage of implementing our new configuration using this strategy and find myself stuck again. I am having a similar problem with trying to restore a webgisdr full backup made from the primary machine to a secondary machine that has been installed and configured with 1071 AGS Enterprise software. Before installing any software on the secondary machine (hostname - enterprise1.domain.com | IP address -, I edited the secondary machines etc/hosts file to include a reference to the primary machine's FQDN (enterprise.domain.com) while using the secondary machine's IP address (, so that its IP address would resolve to enterprise.domain.com, as indicated in the blog.


Where things break down is during the federation, but I am not sure. I suspect this because while I am logged into Portal (accessed successfully using enterprise.domain.com on the secondary machine), I get a login screen for Portal that references the secondary machine's hostname (enterprise1.domain.com). This happens after I have set the server for federation and saved it and before I set the same server as the hosting server (all using the enterprise.domain.com reference). Checking the Server security configuration within the Adminstration site, shows that the "portalUrl" uses enterprise1.domain.com (the secondary FQDN), rather than enterprise.domain.com (the primary FQDN). So, the "privatePortalUrl" and the "portalUrl" values are not the same. Hence, when I tried a restore I got the error that states the public Portal URLs are not the same and the restore fails.


Can anyone point out what I may be doing wrong? Is there a required order to installing the software or for applying the SSL certs? I have had problems with getting the SSL certs done properly in the past, could this be the issue? We are using a wildcard SSL and I have configured both Portal and Server using the cert as an exported root (*.cer) and as an exported existing cert (*.pfx). I have also used the Portal's checkURL utility against the Server's admin URL and it returns a status code of 200, though it does return false for the "secured" value.


Thanks for your time and attention. Thanks in advance. Best, Dixie.