Is it possible to use MS Document Explorer to view ArcObjects Help at v10.0?

Discussion created by bkirchhoff on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by gecard
I just moved from 9.3.1 / VS 2008 VB.NET to 10.0/VS2010.  I noticed during install of the "ArcObject SDK for the MS .NET Framework Setup" a "hint" shows up in the install dialog that says the ArcObjects documentation would use the help format used by Visual Studio 2010. Didn't think much of it until I began working in VS and opened AO help.  VS2010 uses Internet Explorer to view help documentation whereas the AO help is still formatted for MS Document Explorer I'm willing to guess - not a good fit.  I called ESRI and they mentioned this was a known issue - told me they would log my concern as an enhancement request ( you break something and then to fix it you consider it an enhancement?)  Anyway I asked if there was a work around and was told I could uninstall the AO SDK, load VS 2008 Express and then select VS2008 as my documentation version during the re-installation of the ArcObjects SDK.  Only one problem - VS 2008 doesn't show up during the re-install. 

Can anyone help me out ?  Thanks in advance...