ArcGIS Server multi-machine license doesn't match

Discussion created by craig_johnson1 on Apr 17, 2020
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I have two virtual servers:



I followed ESRI's web help page (Configure a multiple-machine deployment) to setup my multiple machine servers.


I shared a directory on ER-MARISS1 for the config-store and directories called:



I mounted this directory on both machines. (Yes, I even mounted it to the machine where the directory exists)

Both machines have ArcGISserver (\\ER-MARISS1) (Z:) in their Network Locations.


I installed ArcGIS Server software (ArcGIS_Server_Windows_1071_169677.exe) onto ER-MARISS1.
I authorized it with the Software Authorization Wizard using the following license file:



I created a new site on ER-MARISS1 pointing to the \\ER-MARISS1\ArcGISserver directory.


I then installed ArcGIS Server software using the same install file onto ER-MARISS2 and authorized it with the Software Authorization Wizard using the same license file.


Using the ArcGIS Server Setup Wizard on ER-MARISS2, I'm trying to join to the ArcGIS Server on ER-MARISS1 using the Join Existing Site option.


The Specify Site URL window opened and I entered the following information.

ArcGIS Server site URL: https:\\ER-MARISS1:6443

I supplied the administrator username and password for the ArcGIS Server site, which is the same on both machines.


A popup window opens displaying the following information:

Configuration Summary
Your ArcGIS Server installation is ready to be completed.
Click Finish to join the site https://ER-MARISS1:6443


I clicked Finish and receive the following error:

Failed to join the site xxxxx. The license of ArcGIS Server at xxxxx does not match with the license of the site running at xxxxx. All the machines in the site are required to have the same license.


I am using the same license file, same software, same OS version, same everything.  Have I missed something?