COVID-19 Recovery Needs - ArcGIS Solutions

Discussion created by SOppmann-esristaff Employee on Apr 17, 2020

As we begin to transition to COVID-19 recovery efforts in many parts of the world, the ArcGIS Solutions Team is starting to define solutions that will help your organization and community recover.  As a result, we would like to enlist your help.

Take a moment to reflect on conversations you are having locally and share with us any policies, programs, solutions, etc. being developed to help your organization and your community (governments, utilities, private business) get back to work.  These actions could be governing how many people are allowed in a facility, protective measures that must be taken, impacted work schedules, etc.

In addition, we would like to understand how you might be communicating these policies to the public, organizing enforcement, attempting to track cases that may occur during recovery, targeting additional testing capacity, and ultimately supporting the notion that their community is on the road to recovery.

We are looking for repeatable ideas that could be leveraged by ArcGIS users at scale.  Your feedback will complement research we are doing now and ultimately guide the solutions we develop in the very near future.  Feel free to respond to this post or send this information directly to me via email:

Thanks in advance for any ideas you have and please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist in this time of need.