Hi, this is Kang from China

Discussion created by KANGJF1943 on Apr 16, 2020
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Hi, I am Kang, a Chinese student, now studying urban biodiversity and urban ecosystem services in Japan. Though learned ArcGIS (version 9.3 or ... don't remember) before, everything about that was gone with the homework done. So I decided to relearn GIS technology for my research recently. At first, I just tried to use some GIS basic features for the sampling of my plant investigation. However, I found GIS pro is so cool and much easier to use than ArcMap! So I decided to dive in further. I am now learning the basic features like mapping, while I am interested in spatial analysis and geostatistic. 
Regarding my favorite place... Here it is: a small coastal village in south China: 23.658176, 117.465358. I have seen a splendid meteor shower with my best friends when camping here.